We promise to love, cherish and protect your family as if they are one of our own. All Dogs deserve great care because their perfection is a derivative of their vulnerability, trustworthiness and advanced companionship and therapeutic qualities.

Lazy Dog Crazy Dog was started in a shoebox of a building in 2009 by husband and wife, Pete and Jackie. Quality of care and customer service took the emphasis away from lack of space. After 9 strong months of business, LDCD moved to a 5,000 sq. ft. facility. When they moved into the clean and happy open floor plan building, something magical happened. Their quality of Dog care and customer service remained at a very high level and was perfectly complimented by the open floor plan.


Lazy Dog Crazy Dog was able to achieve a balanced pack experience by being able to accommodate any pack dynamic for any given day. Whether it was lazy/crazy, small/large, young/old, high energy/low energy or pack-mates new or established, pack leaders had the means to establish harmony on any given day with the added space. Many months of searching for the right space in Seattle proved difficult but Jackie & Pete did not give up hope. Finally, great space was secured in Ballard. The dream is still alive in 2017. With Pete as the main pack leader making sure all the 4-legged kids are happy, safe and having fun, Jackie manages the administrative end of things and sneaks out of the lobby to be with the Dogs whenever the paperwork is done. Lazy Dog Crazy Dog is ready to help maintain or improve your furry kids lives by encouraging balance and inclusion with "supreme Dog love" as its driving force!