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The Dogs

The Humans

The Interaction

Our 4500 sq ft of play space is divided into 2 main play areas and 2 chill out areas to accommodate several groups of Dogs. 

In our daily quest for balance and harmony with your furry kid(s), we address the different personalities, sizes, energy levels and play styles to formulate the best group for them to be in at any given moment of each day. A higher energy French Bulldog who loves to wrestle may play in a group of high energy big Dogs one moment and chill out with a lower energy group when he/she needs a break. Or, a high energy Chihuahua who is more comfortable with smaller Dogs will hang out with the LDCD Little League kids who are more energetic. No matter small or big, high or low energy, there are friends for your Dog to socialize and play with!

Dog handlers at Lazy Dog Crazy Dog are part protector, part referee, part responsible family member, part athlete and part Dog.  We want to make crazy Dogs a little less crazy and lazy Dogs a little less lazy. We are always on our feet and our heads are always on a swivel so every kid is monitored at all times. We have also found that if we control the Dogs' noise level, we can control their energy level. By being able to control the energy level, more movement and more interaction is achievable while still maintaining the highest of safety standards.

Just like we take pride in the administration of LDCD, we take an equal amount of pride in our Dog handling skills. We are pack leaders in the truest form.

When two Dogs are playing harmoniously, we closely monitor the Dogs around them so they can have quality time together to avoid the unneeded third wheel. If the third Dog is wanted and accepted as part of the trio, then we encourage it.


Undesirable behaviors such as jumping up, excessive barking, poop eating, etc. are easily controllable by redirecting their energy. This allows them to focus on something else like a human or another Dog.


Every day at LDCD is a special event. Many would even compare it to a Dog's version of athletic camp, a social retreat or an educational symposium where they learn to be contributor in a positive and dynamic pack setting.

Quiet Time

Baths & nail trims

New to LDCD

Playing fetch, chase, socializing, running and getting loved on the whole day can be tiring, so at midday, we separate the Pack into smaller groups for quiet time. Dogs will either have a snack, take a nap, lay down, get a belly rub or just chill out to some relaxing music. For kids who want to keep playing, they have their own area to do so.

While your furry kid has a day with his/her friends, he/she can get a bath and/or a nail trim. Don't want to wrestle with your Dog just to get the nails trimmed? We can do it after your Dog is all tuckered out from a day of play!

Please note that we kiddos are towel-dried as we do not provide grooming. Nail trims are only performed when Dogs are not overly stressed or anxious.

Due to our social environment, we make sure that every Dog is comfortable and happy in a pack before starting daycare. It also gives us an opportunity to make sure we meet your furry kid's needs. Every Dog at Lazy Dog Crazy Dog starts with a 2 hour evaluation. If they need a little longer to get comfortable, we extend the evaluation to make sure they are happy in our environment. Sign up now to get started!

Questions? Please check out our FAQs page.


Full day

Half day (5 hours or less)


1 day

1 day per additional Dog*

5 day package*

10 day package*

20 day package*



$220 ($44/day)     

$410 ($41/day)

$760 ($38/day)

1/2 day (5 hours or less)

1/2 day additional Dog

10 half day package




Evaluation per Dog


* Additional Dog rate only applies when first Dog is purchasing single half or full day. Cannot be used alongside packages.

* All packages have a 6 month expiration starting from the date of purchase and are non-refundable


We suggest making reservations 1-2 days prior to the day daycare is needed. However, we do get cancellations and if a reservation is not possible, please send us an email or give us a call before coming in to ensure there is space available. 

To make a reservation request for a single day in Wallingford.

To make a multiple day or standing / repeating reservation request in Wallingford.