1. Do you keep collars and harnesses on?

We only keep collars on if they are quick-release collars. We require all Dogs to have a quick-release collar with a name tag.

2. Do you give treats?

We do not give any treats or food unless they are provided by parents, as a lot of Dogs have food allergies. All Dogs are fed separately but as they can still smell and see each other through the fencing, we are unable to give high value treats or chews that take a while to consume. 

3. Can I bring lunch for my Dog?

Yes, we give lunch to Dogs during Quiet Time (12pm - 1pm). As a lot of Dogs have food allergies, we only give them food that is provided by parents. Please bring your kid's lunch in a ziplock baggie or plastic container and avoid glass containers.

4. My Dog came home very thirsty. Did he/she drink any water?

Water is provided throughout the day and water bowls are in every play and rest area. However, similar to a human doing a physical activity for several hours, it is common for Dogs to be more thirsty after daycare as they have been more active than usual. 

5. Where do the Dogs go to the bathroom?

There are patches of synthetic grass for the Dogs to go to the bathroom. Due to the hundreds of Dog smells in the facility, it smells similar to a Dog park to the Dogs. Therefore, Dogs instinctively know to potty on the grass. Although the grass patches are inside the facility, it is very different from being in a house or apartment and Dogs know the difference because of the pack environment and hundreds of Dog scents. It is similar to Dogs walking past a tree, sniffing it and peeing on it. 

6. Will daycare or boarding affect my puppy's potty training?

No. Dogs know the difference between being indoors in daycare and indoors at home as their home doesn't have hundreds of different Dogs' smells.

7. Do the Dogs get breaks or nap time?

We are kennel-free during the day but there are beds along the perimeter of the play areas and we have 2 separate smaller Lazy areas for Dogs to rest or take a break in. Most Dogs regulate themselves but we will give them breaks in our Lazy areas if we feel that they are tired or not self-regulating.

8. Do you take Dogs on walks?

No. Daycare and boarding Dogs stay in the facility.

9. Where do the Dogs sleep when they are boarding / what are the sleeping options for boarding?

We have several sleeping options: Social sleep with a human and other boarding Dogs, in a wire crate in the same room as the human and other boarders or sleeping alone in a 6' x 5' kennel. Most Dogs sleep with our staff and their boarding friends as they don't want to be alone, especially when they are away from home. If you are crate training your Dog or prefer to have them sleep in a crate, we have different sized wire crates for them to sleep in. 

10. What should I bring for boarding?

Please bring your Dog's food and medication, if any. If you would like us to give them treats, please avoid bringing chews that take a while to consume (please see question 2 above). Please avoid bringing food in glass containers. We provide all bowls, beds, blankets and kennels / crates. As we are a social environment, please avoid bringing your Dog's toys and other property. 

11. What is the latest time I can drop off for boarding?

The latest morning drop off time is 11:30am and the latest afternoon drop off time for boarding is 4:00pm. Please see our boarding drop off and pick up hours at the bottom of our boarding page

12. Do you feed Dogs together or separately?

To prevent possible resource guarding and to ensure the Dogs only eat their own food, we feed them separately in 6'x5' kennels or in our 10'x15' Lazy areas.